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DNDEL(1) General Commands Manual DNDEL(1)


dnsubmit - Submit a batch job on a VMS system
dnprint - Print a file on a VMS system


dnsubmit [options] file-name
dnprint [options] file-name


dnprint and dnsubmit send files to a VMS machine for printing or batch execution. These command behave similarly to the VMS PRINT/REMOTE and SUBMIT/REMOTE commands in that you get very little control of the queueing mechanism.
dnprint always prints to the queue SYS$PRINT and dnsubmit always submits to SYS$BATCH. Of course you can always redirect these queues using logical names.
See the man page for dncopy for a discussion of VMS file specifications.


Specifies the maximum amount of time the command will wait to establish a connection with the remote node. a 0 here will cause it to wait forever. The default is 60 seconds
Displays help for using the command.
Show the version of the tools package that the program comes from.


dnsubmit ''

dnprint 'tramp"christine pjc123"::file.lis'


dntype(1), dndir(1), dncopy(1), dntask(1), dndel(1)

October 2 1998 DECnet utilities