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mmtarfilter - filter a tarball like dpkg does


usage: mmtarfilter [-h] [--path-exclude pattern] [--path-include pattern]

[--pax-exclude pattern] [--pax-include pattern] [--strip-components number]

Filters a tarball on standard input by the same rules as the dpkg --pathexclude and --path-include options and writes resulting tarball to standard output. See dpkg(1) for information on how these two options work in detail. Since this is meant for filtering tarballs storing a rootfs, notice that paths must be given as /path and not as ./path even though they might be stored as such in the tarball. Similarly, filter out unwanted pax extended headers. This is useful in cases where a tool only accepts certain xattr prefixes. For example tar2sqfs only supports SCHILY.xattr.user.*, SCHILY.xattr.trusted.* and* but not SCHILY.xattr.system.posix_acl_default.*. Both types of options use Unix shell-style wildcards: * matches everything ? matches any single character [seq] matches any character in seq [!seq] matches any character not in seq Thirdly, strip leading directory components off of tar members. Just as with GNU tar --strip-components, tar members that have less or equal components in their path are not passed through.


show this help message and exit
Exclude path matching the given shell pattern.
Re-include a pattern after a previous exclusion.
Exclude pax header matching the given globbing pattern.
Re-include a pax header after a previous exclusion.
Strip NUMBER leading components from file names
July 2022 mmtarfilter 1.1.0