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nd-configurerepo - configure APT to use NeuroDebian repository


nd-configurerepo [options]


Enables NeuroDebian repository for the current Debian or Ubuntu release.


-r, --release=RELEASE

Name of the Debian/Ubuntu release to be used. If not specified, it is deduced from the 'apt-cache policy' output, by taking repository of Debian or Ubuntu origin with highest priority.


Print a list of releases present in NeuroDebian repository.


Print the release deduced from the output of apt-cache policy.

-f, --flavor=full|libre

Which flavor of the repository should be enabled:
Only 'main' component, containing only DFSG-compliant content.
Includes 'main', 'contrib', and 'non-free'.
If not specified -- deduced from the output of apt-cache policy.


Print the flavor deduced from the output of apt-cache policy.

-c, --components=c1,c2,c3

Comma separated list of components to enable among:
primary software repository
data packages
"overlay" of development versions (like Debians' "experimental"). Not sufficient on its own and available only from the main site
If not specified -- "software,data"

-m, --mirror=NAME|URL

Which mirror to use. Could be a mirror code-name (as specified in /etc/neurodebian/neurodebian.cfg), or a URL.


Return a list (with abbreviation) of known NeuroDebian mirrors.


If apt file already present, it would not be overridden (by default). Use this option to overwrite.


Which suffix to add to the apt file, in case you are trying to enable multiple repositories

--sources, --no-sources

Either to enable deb-src lines. If none specified -- would be enabled if sources for a core package (apt) are available.

-n, --dry-run

Do not perform any changes -- generated configurations and commands will simply be printed to stdout


If found absent, all necessary tools (wget, netselect) if available will be apt-get installed

-v, --verbose

Enable additional progress messages. Could be used multiple times

-q, --quiet

Make operation quiet -- only error messages would be output

-h, --help

Print short description, usage summary and option list.


Print version information and exit.

Exit status:

non-0 exit status in case of error. Error exit code would depend on which command has failed.


Enable software and data components from the optimal (according to netselect) mirror. Some information about progress will be printed
nd-configurerepo -q --suffix=-devel -c devel
Quietly enable -devel repository for the current release, and place apt configuration into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neurodebian.sources-devel.list
nd-configurerepo -q --suffix=-de-sid-full -c software,data,devel -m jp
Force sid distribution, all the components, from the Japan mirror


Written by Yaroslav Halchenko for the NeuroDebian project.


Copyright © 2014 Yaroslav Halchenko <>

Licensed under GNU Public License version 3 or later.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

February 2021 nd-configurerepo 0.1