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irdb-get(1) User Commands irdb-get(1)


irdb-get - list, search and download lirc configuration files.


irdb-get update

irdb-get find <string>

irdb-get info <id>

irdb-get download <id>

irdb-get list [pattern]

irdb-get find-driver <string>

irdb-get yaml-config

irdb-get <-h|--help|-v|--version>


irdb-get can list, search and download lirc remote configuration files. It works by downloading an index file, making all operations besides the actual download local.

Entries in the index are identified by an id. Such an id is on the form dir/remote e. g., x10/ati_remote_wonder_III


Download the index from the remote repository.
List all entries in the index file matching <string>. Matching is done using regular shell match syntax (i. e., not regex).
List all entries in the index with a given driver. The matching is exact, no wildcards.
Print some more info about a given entry.
Download the configuration file for a given entry. The filename is printed on stdout.
List entries matching <pattern>. <pattern> is on the form dir/remote e. g., x10/ati* or */ati_remote_wonder* .

The first word in the list is something like -RL- where the letters represent:

Raw configuration.
Remote has timing information i. e., it can be used with generic capture devices.
Remote has a lircmd config file.
Remote has a photo.

Prints a YAML file on stdout which maps drivers to remote files with corresponding driver attribute. The format is unstable and primarely used by lirc-setup(1).


Print help message.

Print version info.


The base URL used when downloading config files, defaults to

URL to a file listing all remotes, as created by lirc-lsremotes(1). Defaults to

If defined, relocates the cached, downloaded remotes listing file to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/remotes.list, see FILES.


The index file downloaded on demand or by the update command.


Last change: Sep 2015 irdb-get 0.10.1