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LIRC-SETUP(1) User Commands LIRC-SETUP(1)


lirc-setup - Interactive lirc setup tool


lirc-setup [output directory]


A simple GUI tool which creates a lirc configuration after some user dialogs which defines driver, device, modprobe actions, etc. The results are written as separate files in the output directory which defaults to lirc-setup.conf.d


The lirc hardware database. By default the file is searched for in ., .., /usr/share/lirc and the dir where lirc-setup lives. configs is a directory with a separate file for each meny entry. See the configs/README.
The output directory. On normal exits this contains at least a lircd.conf and lirc_options.conf file. Optional files lirc-modprobe.conf and lircmd.conf

Several other support files are downloaded from the lirc website as part of the configuration process.

The lirc remote configurations database, a separate project. lirc-setup fetches all remote configurations from this point.
Last change: Aug 2015 lirc-setup 0.10.1