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KMYMONEY(1) Executable programs KMYMONEY(1)


kmymoney - the personal finances manager by KDE


kmymoney [--lang] [-n] [--timers column] [--nocatch] [--trace] [file]


KMyMoney is the Personal Finance Manager by KDE. It provides the functions required to balance your checkbooks, manage your personal loans and categories your incomes and expenses using a checkbook style graphical user interface.



Language to be used


Do not open last used file


Enable performance timers


Do not globally catch uncaught exceptions


Turn on program traces. This option is only available when KMyMoney is compiled in debug mode.


Dump the names of all defined QAction objects to stdout and quit. This option is only available when KMyMoney is compiled in debug mode.


The full documentation for KMyMoney is maintained as a docbook manual. If the KHelpCenter program is properly installed at your site, the command khelpcenter help:/kmymoney should give you access to the complete manual. Alternatively the manual can be browsed in Konqueror giving it the URL help:/kmymoney


Michael T. Edwardes <>

Original concept, much initial source code. Project administration

Thomas Baumgart <>

Release manager and de-facto Maintainer. Core engine. Project administration

Tony Bloomfield <>

GnuCash Importer. Database support.

Robert Wadley <>

Artist. Icons, splash screen, home view. Screenshots.

Alvaro Soliverez <>

Forecast. Reports.

Fernando Vilas <>

Database support.

Cristian Oneț <>

Patches and plugins.

Jack H. Ostroff <>


Felix Rodriguez <>

Project administration, previous versions.

Kevin Tambascio <>

Initial investment support.
2016-06-17 KMyMoney KMyMoney 5.0