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BIBTEX8(1) User Commands BIBTEX8(1)


bibtex8 - 8-bit Big BibTeX


bibtex8 [options] aux-file


BibTeX8 is an 8-bit implementation of BibTeX written in C. It has been enhanced by adding the following features:

- "big" (32-bit) and customisable capacity

- flexible support for non-English languages using 8-bit character sets

BibTeX8 accepts 8-bit characters in its input files, and writes 8-bit characters to its output files. The character set is defined by an external configuration file --- the Codepage and Sort order ("CS") file. By default, it reads a specific CS file "88591lat.csf", which defines ISO 8859-1 character set and its alphabetical sorting order including accented characters.


-? --help
display some brief help text.
-7 --traditional
operate in the original 7-bit mode, no CS file used. Only 7-bit ASCII characters are supported, and they are sorted by ASCII code value.
-8 --8bit
force 8-bit mode, no CS file used. All 8-bit characters (code > 127) are treated as letters, and they are sorted by their code value.
read FILE as the BibTeX character set and sort definition file. Note that options -7, -8 and -c are exclusive.
report debugging information. TYPE is one or more of all, csf, io, mem, misc, search.
report internal statistics.
report execution tracing.
report BibTeX version.
set large BibTeX capacity.
set huge BibTeX capacity.
set really huge BibTeX capacity for Wolfgang.
set min_crossrefs to ##.
allow ## \cites in the .aux files (deprecated).
allow ## integer entries in the .bib databases (deprecated).
allow ## string entries in the .bib databases (deprecated).
allow ## fields in the .bib databases (deprecated).
set the string pool to ## bytes (deprecated).
allow ## unique strings.
allow ## wizard functions (deprecated).


More detailed description of BibTeX8 is available at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtex8/00readme.txt. The syntax of Codepage and Sort order (CS) File can be found at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtex8/csfile.txt.


BibTeX8 was written by Niel Kempson <> and Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra <>. This manpage was written for TeX Live, based on the work by Norbert Preining for Debian GNU/Linux.

March 2019 bibtex8 3.71