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PHRASE-SEARCH(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual PHRASE-SEARCH(1)


phrase-search - search an indexed local NCBI PubMed archive


phrase-search [-h|-help|--help] [-path dir] -count|-counts|-query|-filter|-link|-exact|-title|-words|-pairs|-fields|-terms|-totals query...|-convert dbas type type [key]|-lookup tag theme...


phrase-search searches an indexed local NCBI PubMed archive (as prepared by index-pubmed(1)).


Print usage information.
Search the local archive in dir.
Print terms and counts, merging wildcards.
Expand wildcards; print individual term counts.
Search on words or phrases in Boolean formulas.
Filter piped-in output from a previous (quite possibly remote) query.
Strict search for article round-tripping.
Exact search limited to indexed title field.
Follow links by the given tag (e.g. CITED), merging any duplicates.
Combine searches for individual informative words.
Combine searches for pairs of adjacent informative words.
Interpret the query as a field name, and list that field's known terms. With an empty query, list supported fields.
Like -fields, but with term counts.
What to search for in the above modes; may contain standard Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, using parentheses as needed for grouping.
Convert identifiers in the specified database from one type to another, accepting either a single identifier on the command line or a newline-delimited list on standard input. The database may be any of
Medline subject headings in general
MeSH chemicals
MeSH diseases

and the type may be any of

official name
internal identifier
path within MeSH tree (except for gene)
description (only for gene)
synonym (except for gene)
Look up cross references between internal identifiers read from standard input, where tag identifies a pair of databases (e.g., chdi for chemicals and diseases) and theme... are theme codes of particular interest (with p and m standing in for + and - respectively).


Local archive directory to use in the absence of -path/-master. Expected to hold an absolute path; mandatory when not supplying a path on the command line.


cit2pmid(1), download-ncbi-data(1), edict(1), fetch-pubmed(1), filter-stop-words(1), index-pubmed(1), rchive(1), theme-aliases(1), word-at-a-time(1), xtract(1).

2023-02-21 NCBI