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shlwapi.dll(3w) Wine API shlwapi.dll(3w)




The Shell Light-Weight Api dll provides a large number of utility functions which are commonly required by Win32 programs. Originally distributed with Internet Explorer as a free download, it became a core part of Windows when Internet Explorer was 'integrated' into the O/S with the release of Win98.
All functions exported by ordinal are undocumented by MS. The vast majority of these are wrappers for Unicode functions that may not exist on early 16 bit platforms. The remainder perform various small tasks and presumably were added to facilitate code reuse amongst the MS developers.


Forwards: 181
Variables: 0
Stubs: 125
Functions: 536
Exports-Total: 842
Implemented-Total: 717 (85%)
Documented-Total: 479 (89%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:
Alexandre Julliard, Guy Albertelli, Huw D M Davies (for CodeWeavers), Jon Griffiths, Juergen Schmied, Marcus Meissner
Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the Files "AUTHORS" and "Changelog" in the Wine source tree.
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