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SHCreateDirectoryExA(3w) Wine API SHCreateDirectoryExA(3w)


SHCreateDirectoryExA (SHELL32.@)


int SHCreateDirectoryExA
HWND hWnd,
LPCSTR path,


This function creates a file system folder whose fully qualified path is given by path. If one or more of the intermediate folders do not exist, they will be created as well.


hWnd [In] .
path [In] path of directory to create.
sec [In] security attributes to use or NULL.


ERROR_SUCCESS or one of the following values: ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME or ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND if the path is relative ERROR_INVALID_NAME if the path contains invalid chars ERROR_FILE_EXISTS when a file with that name exists ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS when the directory already exists ERROR_FILENAME_EXCED_RANGE if the filename was to long to process.
FIXME: Not implemented yet; SHCreateDirectoryEx also verifies that the files in the directory will be visible if the path is a network path to deal with network drivers which might have a limited but unknown maximum path length. If not:
If hWnd is set to a valid window handle, a message box is displayed warning the user that the files may not be accessible. If the user chooses not to proceed, the function returns ERROR_CANCELLED.
If hWnd is set to NULL, no user interface is displayed and the function returns ERROR_CANCELLED.


Declared in "shlobj.h".
Implemented in "dlls/shell32/shlfileop.c".
Debug channel "shell".
Oct 2012 Wine API