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PathFileExistsDefExtA(3w) Wine API PathFileExistsDefExtA(3w)


PathFileExistsDefExtA (SHLWAPI.3)


BOOL PathFileExistsDefExtA
LPSTR lpszPath,
DWORD dwWhich


Determine if a file exists locally and is of an executable type.


lpszPath [In/Out] File to search for.
dwWhich [In] Type of executable to search for.


TRUE If the file was found. lpszPath contains the file name. FALSE Otherwise.


lpszPath is modified in place and must be at least MAX_PATH in length. If the function returns FALSE, the path is modified to its original state. If the given path contains an extension or dwWhich is 0, executable extensions are not checked.
Ordinals 3-6 are a classic case of Microsoft(tm) exposing limited functionality to users (here through PathFindOnPathA(3w)) and keeping advanced functionality for their own developers exclusive use. Monopoly, anyone?


Exported by ordinal only. Use GetProcAddress(3w) to obtain a pointer to the function.
Implemented in "dlls/shlwapi/path.c".
Debug channel "shell".
Oct 2012 Wine API