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GetCharacterPlacementW(3w) Wine API GetCharacterPlacementW(3w)


GetCharacterPlacementW (GDI32.@)


DWORD GetCharacterPlacementW
HDC hdc,
LPCWSTR lpString,
INT uCount,
INT nMaxExtent,
GCP_RESULTSW* lpResults,
DWORD dwFlags


hdc [In] Device context for which the rendering is to be done.
lpString [In] The string for which information is to be returned.
uCount [In] Number of WORDS in string.
nMaxExtent [In] Maximum extent the string is to take (in HDC logical units).
lpResults [In/Out] A pointer to a GCP_RESULTSW struct.
[In] Flags specifying how to process the string.


Retrieve information about a string. This includes the width, reordering, Glyphing and so on.


The width and height of the string if successful, 0 if failed.


All flags except GCP_REORDER are not yet implemented. Reordering is not 100% compliant to the Windows(tm) BiDi method. Caret positioning is not yet implemented for BiDi. Classes are not yet implemented.


Declared in "wingdi.h".
Implemented in "dlls/gdi32/font.c".
Debug channel "font".
Oct 2012 Wine API