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GdipGetRegionData(3w) Wine API GdipGetRegionData(3w)


GdipGetRegionData (GDIPLUS.@)


GpStatus WINGDIPAPI GdipGetRegionData
GpRegion* region,
BYTE* buffer,
UINT size,
UINT* needed


Returns the header, followed by combining ops and region elements.


region [In] region to retrieve from.
buffer [Out] buffer to hold the resulting data.
size [In] size of the buffer.
needed [Out] (optional) how much data was written.


FAILURE: InvalidParameter.


The header contains the size, a checksum, a version string, and the number of children. The size does not count itself or the checksum. Version is always something like 0xdbc01001 or 0xdbc01002.
An element is a RECT, or PATH; Combining ops are stored as their CombineMode value. Special regions (infinite, empty) emit just their op-code; GpRectFs emit their code followed by their points; GpPaths emit their code followed by a second header for the path followed by the actual path data. Followed by the flags for each point. The pathheader contains the size of the data to follow, a version number again, followed by a count of how many points, and any special flags which may apply. 0x4000 means its a path of shorts instead of FLOAT.
Combining Ops are stored in reverse order from when they were constructed; the output is a tree where the left side combining area is always taken first.


Declared in "gdiplusflat.h".
Implemented in "dlls/gdiplus/region.c".
Debug channel "gdiplus".
Oct 2012 Wine API