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RNX2RTKP(1) General Commands Manual RNX2RTKP(1)


rnx2rtkp - read message log files and computer receiver positions


rnx2rtkp [option ...] file file [...]


Read RINEX OBS/NAV/GNAV/HNAV/CLK, SP3, SBAS message log files and compute receiver (rover) positions and output position solutions. The first RINEX OBS file shall contain receiver (rover) observations. For the relative mode, the second RINEX OBS file shall contain reference (base station) receiver observations. At least one RINEX NAV/GNAV/HNAV file shall be included in input files. To use SP3 precise ephemeris, specify the path in the files. The extension of the SP3 file shall be .sp3 or .eph. All of the input file paths can include wild-cards (*). To avoid command line deployment of wild-cards, use "..." for paths with wild-cards. Command line options are as follows ([]:default). With -k option, the processing options are input from the configuration file. In this case, command line options precede options in the configuration file.


print help
input options from configuration file [off]
set output file [stdout]
start day/time (ds=y/m/d ts=h:m:s) [obs start time]
end day/time (de=y/m/d te=h:m:s) [obs end time]
time interval (sec) [all]
mode (0:single,1:dgps,2:kinematic,3:static,4:moving-base,5:fixed,6:ppp-kinematic,7:ppp-static) [2]
elevation mask angle (deg) [15]
number of frequencies for relative mode (1:L1,2:L1+L2,3:L1+L2+L5) [2]
validation threshold for integer ambiguity (0.0:no AR) [3.0]
backward solutions [off]
forward/backward combined solutions [off]
instantaneous integer ambiguity resolution [off]
fix and hold for integer ambiguity resolution [off]
output x/y/z-ecef position [latitude/longitude/height]
output e/n/u-baseline [latitude/longitude/height]
output NMEA-0183 GGA sentence [off]
output latitude/longitude in the form of ddd mm [ddd.ddd]
output time in the form of yyyy/mm/dd []
output time in utc [gpst]
number of decimals in time [3]
field separator [' ']
reference (base) receiver ecef pos (m) [average of single pos]
reference (base) receiver latitude/longitude/height (deg/m)
output solution status (0:off,1:states,2:residuals) [0]
debug trace level (0:off) [0]


Example 1. Kinematic Positioning, L1+L2, output Latitude/Longitude/Height to STDOUT.

rnx2rtkp 07590920.05o 30400920.05o 30400920.05n

Example 2. Single Point Positioning, El Mask=15deg, output NMEA GGA to file out.pos

rnx2rtkp -p 0 -m 15 -n -o out.pos 07590920.05o 30400920.05n

Example 3. Static Positioning, L1, time form yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss, output X/Y/Z-ECEF positions

rnx2rtkp -p 3 -f 1 -t -e 07590920.05o 30400920.05o 30400920.05n

Example 4. Kinematic Positioning, Instantaneous AR, validation threshold=2, comma separator

rnx2rtkp -i -v 2 -s , 07590920.05o 30400920.05o 30400920.05n

July 29 2016