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man(1) Profanity XMPP client man(1)


/blocked - the Profanity /blocked command.


Manage blocked users (XEP-0191), calling with no arguments shows the current list of blocked users. To blog a certain user in a MUC use the following as jid: is also possible to block and report (XEP-0377) a user with the report-abuse and report-spam commands.



/blocked add [<jid>]

/blocked report-abuse [<jid>] [<message>]

/blocked report-spam [<jid>] [<message>]

/blocked remove <jid>


add [<jid>]

Block the specified Jabber ID. If in a chat window and no jid is specified, the current recipient will be blocked.

remove <jid>

Remove the specified Jabber ID from the blocked list.

report-abuse <jid> [<message>]

Report the jid as abuse with an optional message to the service operator.

report-spam <jid> [<message>]

Report the jid as spam with an optional message to the service operator.


/blocked add hel@helheim.edda

/blocked report-spam hel@helheim.edda Very annoying guy

/blocked add

2022-10-12 0.13.0