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podman-volume-ls(1) General Commands Manual podman-volume-ls(1)


podman-volume-ls - List all the available volumes


podman volume ls [options]


Lists all the volumes that exist. The output can be filtered using the --filter flag and can be formatted to either JSON or a Go template using the --format flag. Use the --quiet flag to print only the volume names.


--filter, -f=filter

Filter what volumes are shown in the output. Multiple filters can be given with multiple uses of the --filter flag. Filters with the same key work inclusive, with the only exception being label which is exclusive. Filters with different keys always work exclusive.

Volumes can be filtered by the following attributes:

Filter Description
dangling [Dangling] Matches all volumes not referenced by any containers
driver [Driver] Matches volumes based on their driver
label [Key] or [Key=Value] Label assigned to a volume
name [Name] Volume name (accepts regex)
opt Matches a storage driver options
scope Filters volume by scope
after/since Filter by volumes created after the given VOLUME (name or tag)
until Only remove volumes created before given timestamp


Format volume output using Go template.

Valid placeholders for the Go template are listed below:

Placeholder Description
.Anonymous Indicates whether volume is anonymous
.CreatedAt Volume creation time
.Driver Volume driver
.GID GID of volume
.InspectVolumeData ... Don't use
.Labels Label information associated with the volume
.LockNumber Number of the volume's Libpod lock
.MountCount Number of times the volume is mounted
.Mountpoint Source of volume mount point
.Name Volume name
.NeedsChown Indicates whether volume needs to be chowned
.NeedsCopyUp Indicates if volume needs to be copied up to
.Options Volume options
.Scope Volume scope
.Status Status of the volume
.StorageID StorageID of the volume
.Timeout Timeout of the volume
.UID UID of volume
.VolumeConfigResponse ... Don't use


Print usage statement.

--noheading, -n

Omit the table headings from the listing.

--quiet, -q

Print volume output in quiet mode. Only print the volume names.


$ podman volume ls
$ podman volume ls --format json
$ podman volume ls --format "{{.Driver}} {{.Scope}}"
$ podman volume ls --filter name=foo,label=blue
$ podman volume ls --filter label=key=value


podman(1), podman-volume(1)


November 2018, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani ⟨⟩