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ExtUtils::MM_Win95(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide ExtUtils::MM_Win95(3perl)


ExtUtils::MM_Win95 - method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X


  You should not be using this module directly.


This is a subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Win32 containing changes necessary to get MakeMaker playing nice with and other Win9Xisms.

Overridden methods

Most of these make up for limitations in the Win9x/nmake command shell.

Win98 chokes on things like Encode if we set the max length to nmake's max of 2K. So we go for a more conservative value of 1K.
Win95 and Win98 and WinME are collectively Win9x and Win32


Code originally inside MM_Win32. Original author unknown.

Currently maintained by Michael G Schwern "".

Send patches and ideas to "".


2024-03-06 perl v5.38.2