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OPERATORS(3clc) OpenCL Manual OPERATORS(3clc)


Operators - Operators used in OpenCL.

The following operators are used in OpenCL. For information about the usage of these operators, please refer to the OpenCL specification[1].

add +
subtract -
multiply *
divide /
remainder %
unary plus +
unary minus -
post- and pre-increment ++
post- and pre-decrement --
relational greater-than >
relational less-than <
relational greater-than or equal-to >=
relational less-than or equal-to <=
equal ==
not equal !=
bitwise and &
bitwise or |
bitwise not ^
bitwise not ~
logical and &&
logical or ||
logical exclusive or ^^
logical unary not !
ternary selection ?:
right shift >>
left shift <<
size of sizeof
comma ,
dereference *
address-of &
assignment =


Except for the sizeof operator, the half data type cannot be used with any of the operators described in this section.


OpenCL Specification[1]


The Khronos Group


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OpenCL specification
page 215, section 6.3 - Operators
01/14/2021 The Khronos Group