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BINVOX2BT(1) General Commands Manual BINVOX2BT(1)


binvox2bt - convert 3D mesh voxelizer meshes to a single bonsai tree file


binvox2bt [ options <binvox filenames> ...]


binvox2bt Read files generated by Patrick Min's 3D mesh voxelizer ("binvox", available at: and convert the voxel meshes to a single bonsai tree file. This file is based on code from

These options are available:

Output filename (default: first input filename +
Mark not occupied cells as 'free' (default: unknown)
Rotate left by 90 deg. to fix the coordinate
when exported from Webots
force bounding box for OcTree
add an offset to the final coordinates

If more than one binvox file is given, the models are composed to a single bonsai tree.

User Commands