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BIN.JS(1) User Commands BIN.JS(1)


bin.js - The JavaScript Package Handler


Pacote - The JavaScript Package Handler, v15.0.7


pacote resolve <spec>
Resolve a specifier and output the fully resolved target Returns integrity and from if '--long' flag is set.
pacote manifest <spec>
Fetch a manifest and print to stdout
pacote packument <spec>
Fetch a full packument and print to stdout
pacote tarball <spec> [<filename>]
Fetch a package tarball and save to <filename> If <filename> is missing or '-', the tarball will be streamed to stdout.
pacote extract <spec> <folder>
Extract a package to the destination folder.

Configuration values all match the names of configs passed to npm, or options passed to Pacote. Additional flags for this executable:

Print an object from 'resolve', including integrity and spec.
Print result objects as JSON rather than node's default. (This is the default if stdout is not a TTY.)
Print this helpful text.

For example '--cache=/path/to/folder' will use that folder as the cache.

May 2024 bin.js 15.0.7