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NPM-TEAM(1) General Commands Manual NPM-TEAM(1)





Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.


Used to manage teams in organizations, and change team memberships. Does not
handle permissions for packages.

Teams must always be fully qualified with the organization/scope they belong to
when operating on them, separated by a colon (:). That is, if you have a
newteam team in an org organization, you must always refer to that team
as @org:newteam in these commands.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled in auth-and-writes mode, then
you can provide a code from your authenticator with [--otp <otpcode>].
If you don't include this then you will be prompted.

create / destroy:
Create a new team, or destroy an existing one. Note: You cannot remove the
developers team, <a href="" target="_blank">learn more.</a>

Here's how to create a new team newteam under the org org:

npm team create @org:newteam

You should see a confirming message such as: +@org:newteam once the new
team has been created.

Add a user to an existing team.

Adding a new user username to a team named newteam under the org org:

npm team add @org:newteam username

On success, you should see a message: username added to @org:newteam

Using npm team rm you can also remove users from a team they belong to.

Here's an example removing user username from newteam team
in org organization:

npm team rm @org:newteam username

Once the user is removed a confirmation message is displayed:
username removed from @org:newteam

If performed on an organization name, will return a list of existing teams
under that organization. If performed on a team, it will instead return a list
of all users belonging to that particular team.

Here's an example of how to list all teams from an org named org:

npm team ls @org

Example listing all members of a team named newteam:

npm team ls @org:newteam


npm team always operates directly on the current registry, configurable from
the command line using --registry=<registry url>.

You must be a team admin to create teams and manage team membership, under
the given organization. Listing teams and team memberships may be done by
any member of the organization.

Organization creation and management of team admins and organization members
is done through the website, not the npm CLI.

To use teams to manage permissions on packages belonging to your organization,
use the npm access command to grant or revoke the appropriate permissions.



See Also

  • npm access
  • npm config
  • npm registry

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