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nix3-profile-wipe-history(1) General Commands Manual nix3-profile-wipe-history(1)

Warning: This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.


nix profile wipe-history - delete non-current versions of a profile


nix profile wipe-history [option…]


Delete all versions of the default profile older than 100 days:

# nix profile wipe-history --profile /tmp/profile --older-than 100d
removing profile version 515
removing profile version 514


This command deletes non-current versions of a profile, making it impossible to roll back to these versions. By default, all non-current versions are deleted. With --older-than Nd, all non-current versions older than N days are deleted.


  • --dry-run
    Show what this command would do without doing it.
  • --older-than age
    Delete versions older than the specified age. age must be in the format Nd, where N denotes a number of days.
  • --profile path
    The profile to update.