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NINJA(1) User Commands NINJA(1)


ninja - small build system closest in spirit to Make


usage: ninja [options] [targets...]

if targets are unspecified, builds the 'default' target (see manual).


print ninja version ("1.11.1")
show all command lines while building
don't show progress status, just command output
change to DIR before doing anything else
specify input build file []
run N jobs in parallel (0 means infinity) [default=#CPUs]
keep going until N jobs fail (0 means infinity) [default=1]
do not start new jobs if the load average is greater than N
dry run (don't run commands but act like they succeeded)
enable debugging (use '-d list' to list modes)
run a subtool (use '-t list' to list subtools)
terminates toplevel options; further flags are passed to the tool
adjust warnings (use '-w list' to list warnings)


This manual page was written by Gary Kramlich <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

September 2023 ninja 1.11.1