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PERL2HTML(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation PERL2HTML(1p)


perl2html - generate Perl documentation in HTML


perl2html [--[no]toc] [--hr level] [--bgcolor #rrggbb] [--text #rrggbb] [--v verbosity] PerlDir HTMLDir


perl2html translates Perl documentation to HTML. PerlDir is the root of the Perl source tree. The HTML pages are organized into a directory tree rooted at HTMLDir. A top-level index is written to HTMLDir"/index.html"

In addition to the Perl sources, perl2html searches @INC for module PODs, and $ENV{PATH} for program PODS.

All the HTML pages are created world-readable.

Perldir and HTMLDir must be absolute path names.


Includes or omits a table of contents in each page. Default is to include the TOC.
"--hr" level
Controls the profusion of horizontal lines in the output, as follows:

    level   horizontal lines
    0       none
    1       between TOC and body
    2       after each =head1
    3       after each =head1 and =head2

Default is level 1.

"--bgcolor" #rrggbb
Set the background color to #rrggbb. Default is off-white.
"--text" #rrggbb
Set the text color to #rrggbb. Default is black.
"--v" verbosity
Verbosity level: 0, 1, 2, 3


Perl 5 "Getopt::Long",


"pods2html", "Pod::Tree", "Pod::Tree::HTML", "Pod::Tree::PerlBin", "Pod::Tree::PerlDist", "Pod::Tree::PerlFunc", "Pod::Tree::PerlLib", "Pod::Tree::PerlMap", "Pod::Tree::PerlPod", "Pod::Tree::PerlTop"


Steven McDougall,


Copyright 2000 by Steven McDougall. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl.

2022-11-19 perl v5.36.0