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Plucene::Index::SegmentInfo(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Plucene::Index::SegmentInfo(3pm)


Plucene::Index::SegmentInfo - Information on a Segment


        my $segment_info = Plucene::Index::SegmentInfo->new;
        # get
        my $name = $segment_info->name;
        my $doc_count = $segment_info->doc_count;
        my $dir = $segment_info->dir;
        # set


This class holds information on a segment.

The index database is composed of 'segments' each stored in a separate file. When you add documents to the index, new segments may be created. You can compact the database and reduce the number of segments by optimizing it.


name / doc_count / dir

Get / set these attributes.

2022-12-04 perl v5.36.0