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c_csa2ls(3NCARG) NCAR GRAPHICS c_csa2ls(3NCARG)


c_csa2ls - cubic spline approximation, simple entry for two-dimensional input, list output


float *c_csa2ls(int, float [], float [], float [], int [],

int, float [], float [], int *);


int c_csa2ls(int n, float xi[], float yi[], float zi[], int knots[2],

int no, float xo[], float yo[], int *ier);


(integer,input) The number of input data points. It must be that n is greater than 3 and, depending on the size of knots below, n may have to be larger.
(real, input) An array dimensioned for n containing the X coordinate values for the input function.
(real, input) An array dimensioned for n containing the Y coordinate values for the input function.
(real, input) An array containing the functional values of the input function -- zi[k] is the functional value at (xi[k], yi[k]) for k=0,n-1.
(integer, input) The number of knots to be used in constructing the approximation spline. knots[0] and knots[1] must be at least 4. The larger the value for knots, the closer the approximated curve will come to passing through the input function values.
(integer, input) The number of X - Y coordinate values to be calculated for the output array.
(real, input) An array dimensioned for no containing the X coordinates of the output list.
(real, output) An array dimensioned for no containing the Y coordinates of the output list.
(pointer to integer, output) An error return value. If *ier is returned as 0, then no errors were detected. If *ier is non-zero, then refer to the error list in the error table for details.


c_csa2ls is called to find values of an approximating cubic spline at specified two-dimensional coordinates. If you want to weight the input data values, calculate derivatives, or handle data sparse areas specially, then you will need to use c_csa2lxs.

c_csa2ls returns a pointer to a linear array of data that contains the approximated values calculated at the input list of coordinate values. That is, if out is declared as

float *out;

and we set:

out = c_csa2ls(n, x, y, z, knots, no, xo, yo, &ier);

then out[i] is the approximated function value at coordinate point (xo[i], yo[i]) for 0 <= i < no. The space for out is allocated internal to c_csa2ls and is no floats in size.


To use c_csa2ls, load the NCAR Graphics library ngmath.


csagrid, c_csa2s, c_csa2xs, c_csa2lxs

Complete documentation for Csagrid is available at URL


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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