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HTTP::OAI::Metadata(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTTP::OAI::Metadata(3pm)


HTTP::OAI::Metadata - Base class for data objects that contain DOM trees


        use HTTP::OAI::Metadata;
        $xml = XML::LibXML::Document->new();
        $xml = XML::LibXML->new->parse( ... );
    $md = new HTTP::OAI::Metadata();
        $md = new HTTP::OAI::Metadata(dom=>$xml);
        print $md->dom->toString;
        my $dom = $md->dom(); # Return internal DOM tree


$md->dom( [$dom] )
Return and optionally set the XML DOM object that contains the actual metadata. If you intend to use the generate() method $dom must be a XML_DOCUMENT_NODE.
2022-09-17 perl v5.34.0