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GnuPG::Revoker(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation GnuPG::Revoker(3pm)


GnuPG::Revoker - GnuPG Key Revoker Objects


  # assumes a GnuPG::PrimaryKey object in $key
  my $revokerfpr = $key->revokers->[0]->fingerprint();


GnuPG::Revoker objects are generally not instantiated on their own, but rather as part of GnuPG::Key objects. They represent a statement that another key is designated to revoke certifications made by the key in question.


This methods creates a new object. The optional arguments are initialization of data members.
Returns 0 if the revoker information can be freely distributed. If this is non-zero, the information should be treated as "sensitive".

Please see for more explanation.

Returns non-zero only when this designated revoker is identical to the other GnuPG::Revoker. If $deep is present and non-zero, the revokers' signatures will also be compared.


A GnuPG::Fingerprint object indicating the fingerprint of the specified revoking key. (Note that this is *not* the fingerprint of the key whose signatures can be revoked by this revoker).
The numeric identifier of the algorithm of the revoker's key.
A list of GnuPG::Signature objects which cryptographically bind the designated revoker to the primary key. If the material was instantiated using the *_with_sigs() functions from GnuPG::Interface, then a valid revoker designation should have a valid signature associated with it from the relevant key doing the designation (not from the revoker's key).

Note that designated revoker certifications are themselves irrevocable, so there is no analogous list of revocations in a GnuPG::Revoker object.


GnuPG::Interface, GnuPG::Fingerprint, GnuPG::Key, GnuPG::Signature, <>

2024-05-24 perl v5.38.2