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Exporter::Easiest(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Exporter::Easiest(3pm)


Exporter::Easiest - Takes even more drudgery out of Exporting symbols


In module

  package YourModule;
  use Exporter::Easiest q(
    EXPORT => :tag1
    OK => munge frobnicate
        :tag1 => a b c 
        :tag2 => :tag1 d e f
    FAIL => f g h

In other files which wish to use YourModule:

  use ModuleName qw(frobnicate);      # import listed symbols
  frobnicate ($left, $right)          # calls YourModule::frobnicate


The Exporter::Easiest module is a wrapper around Exporter::Easy. It allows you to pass the arguments into Exporter::Easy without all those tiresome []s and qw()s. You pass arguments in as a string or an array of strings. You no longer need to bracket lists or take references. If want, you can also leave out the TAGS key and just put tag definitions along with the other keys.

The important thing to remember is that tags should be preceded by ':' everywhere, including to the left of the '=>', otherwise it'll get confused. And don't worry I haven't done something horribly pythonesque, whitespace is not significant, all the parsing logic revolves around the use of ':'s and '=>'s


For the real details on exporting symbols see Exporter and Exporter::Easy.




Written by Fergal Daly <>.


Under the same license as Perl itself

2022-10-22 perl v5.34.0