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Device::USB::Bus(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Device::USB::Bus(3pm)


Device::USB::Bus - Use libusb to access USB devices.


Version 0.38


This class encapsulates the USB bus structure and provides methods for retrieving data from it. This class is not meant to be used alone, it is part of the Device::USB package.

Device:USB:LibUSB provides a Perl wrapper around the libusb library. This supports Perl code controlling and accessing USB devices.

    use Device::USB;
    my $usb = Device::USB->new();
    foreach my $bus ($usb->list_busses())
        print $bus->dirname(), ":\n";
        foreach my $dev ($bus->devices())
            print "\t", $dev->filename(), "\n";


This module provides a Perl interface to the bus structures returned by the libusb library. This library supports a read-only interface to the data libusb returns about a USB bus.


Return the directory name associated with this bus.
Return the location value associated with this bus.
In array context, it returns a list of Device::USB::Device objects representing all of the devices on this bus. In scalar context, it returns a reference to that array.
Find a particular USB device based on the supplied predicate coderef. If more than one device would satisfy the predicate, the first one found is returned.
the predicate used to select a device

returns a device reference or undef if none was found.

coderef to test devices.

For example,

    my @devices = $bus->list_devices_if(
        sub { Device::USB::CLASS_HUB == $_->bDeviceClass() }

Returns all USB hubs found on this bus. The device to test is available to the coderef in the $_ variable for simplicity.


This is an explanation of the diagnostic and error messages this module can generate.


This module depends on the Carp and Device::USB, as well as the strict and warnings pragmas. Obviously, libusb must be available since that is the entire reason for the module's existence.


G. Wade Johnson (gwadej at cpan dot org) Paul Archer (paul at paularcher dot org)

Houston Perl Mongers Group


Please report any bugs or feature requests to "", or through the web interface at <>. I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


Thanks go to various members of the Houston Perl Mongers group for input on the module. But thanks mostly go to Paul Archer who proposed the project and helped with the development.

Thanks also go to Josep Monés Teixidor, Mike McCauley, and Tony Awtrey for spotting, reporting, and (sometimes) fixing bugs.


Copyright 2006-2013 Houston Perl Mongers

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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