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Compat(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Compat(3pm)


DBIx::Compat - Perl extension for Compatibility Infos about DBD Drivers


  use DBIx::Compat;
  my $HaveTypes  = DBIx::Compat::GetItem ($drv, 'HaveTypes') ;


DBIx::Compat contains a hash which gives information about DBD drivers, to allow to write driver independent programs.

Currently there are the following attributes defined:


A function which will return information about all fields of an table. Needs an database handle and a tablename as argument. Must at least return the fieldnames and the fieldtypes.

  $ListFields = $DBIx::Compat::Compat{$Driver}{ListFields} ;
  $sth = &{$ListFields}($DBHandle, $Table) or die "Cannot list fields" ;
  @{ $sth -> {NAME} } ; # array of fieldnames
  @{ $sth -> {TYPE} } ; # array of filedtypes
  $sth -> finish ;


A function which will return an array of all tables of the datasource. Defaults to $dbh -> "tables".


Hash which contains one entry for all datatypes that are numeric.


Set to true if the DBMS supports joins (select with multiple tables)


Set to 1 if the DBMS supports INNER/LEFT/RIGHT JOIN Syntax in SQL select. Set to 2 if DBMS needs a *= b syntax for inner join (MS-SQL, Sybase). Set to 3 if DBMS needs a = b (+) syntax for inner join (Oracle syntax).


Set to true if DBMS can only support two tables in inner joins.


Set to true if DBMS supports datatypes (most DBMS will do)


Set to 'NULL' if DBMS requires the NULL keyword when creating tables where fields should contains nulls.


Set to true if an empty string ('') and NULL is the same for the DBMS.


An function which will be used to create a SQL text for limiting the number of fetched rows and selecting the starting row in selects.

Keys that aren't needed anymore


Gives information if and how placeholders are supported:

0 = Not supported
1 = Supported, but not fully, unknown how much
2 = Supported, but perl type must be the same as type in db
3 = Supported, but can not give a string when a numeric type is in the db
10 = Supported under all circumstances


Gives information which datatypes must be quoted when passed literal (not via a placeholder). Contains a hash with all type number which need to be quoted.


will be true when the type in $Type for the driver $Driver must be quoted.

Supported Drivers

Currently there are entry for

if you detect an error in the definition or add an definition for a new DBD driver, please mail it to the author.


G.Richter <richter*>


perl(1), DBI(3), DBIx::Recordset(3)

2022-06-13 perl v5.34.0