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RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader(3) Library Functions Manual RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader(3)


RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader - Fixed RTCP packet header.


#include <rtcppkt.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned char version:2
< For big endian boxes unsigned char padding:1
Padding bit. unsigned char block_count:5
Number of RR, SR, or SDES chunks. uint8 type
type of RTCP packet. uint16 length
number of 32-bit words in the packet (minus one).

Detailed Description

Fixed RTCP packet header.

First 32-bit word in any RTCP packet.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader::block_count

Number of RR, SR, or SDES chunks.

uint16 RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader::length

number of 32-bit words in the packet (minus one).

unsigned char RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader::padding

Padding bit.

uint8 RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader::type

type of RTCP packet.

unsigned char RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader::version

< For big endian boxes Version, currently 2.


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