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Arch::Test::Archive(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::Test::Archive(3pm)


Arch::Test::Archive - A test framework for Arch-Perl


    use Arch::Test::Framework;
    my $fw = Arch::Test::Framework->new;
    my $archive = $fw->make_archive;
    my $version1 = $archive->make_version();
    my $version2 = $archive->make_version($branch);


Arch::Test::Archive provides methods to quickly build and modify Arch archives.


new, name, framework, run_tla make_category, make_branch, make_version,

Create a new Arch::Test::Archive instance for archive name. This method should not be called directly.
Returns the archive name.
Returns the associated Arch::Test::Framework reference.
Run tla with the specified arguments.
Create a new category, branch or version. A unique name for unspecified parts is generated. The fully qualified name is returned.


Mikhael Goikhman (

Enno Cramer (

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0