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Apache::Session::Store::Informix(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Apache::Session::Store::Informix(3pm)


Apache::Session::Store::Informix - Store persistent data in a Informix database


 use Apache::Session::Store::Informix;
 my $store = new Apache::Session::Store::Informix;


Apache::Session::Store::Informix fulfills the storage interface of Apache::Session. Session data is stored in a Informix database.


To use this module, you will need at least these columns in a table called 'sessions':

 id char(32)     # or however long your session IDs are.
 a_session lvarchar

To create this schema, you can execute this command using the sqlplus program:

 CREATE TABLE sessions (
    id char(32) not null primary key,
    a_session lvarchar

If you use some other command, ensure that there is a unique index on the table's id column.


The module must know what datasource, username, and password to use when connecting to the database. These values can be set using the options hash (see Apache::Session documentation). The options are DataSource, UserName, and Password.


 tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Informix', $id, {
     DataSource => 'dbi:Informix:database',
     UserName   => 'database_user',
     Password   => 'K00l'

Instead, you may pass in an already-opened DBI handle to your database.

 tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Informix', $id, {
     Handle => $dbh

The last option is LongReadLen, which specifies the maximum size of the session object. If not supplied, the default maximum size is 8 KB.


This module was written by Mike Langen <>, based on the original for Oracle.


Apache::Session, Apache::Session::Store::DBI

2022-11-19 perl v5.36.0