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LaTeXML::Core::Array(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation LaTeXML::Core::Array(3pm)


"LaTeXML::Core::Array" - support for Arrays of objects


Provides a representation of arrays of digested objects. It extends LaTeXML::Common::Object.


Creates an Array object Options are values List of values; typically Tokens, initially. type The type of objects (as a ParameterType)

The following are Tokens lists that are used for reverting to raw TeX, each can be undef open the opening delimiter eg "{" close the closing delimiter eg "}" separator the separator between items, eg "," itemopen the opening delimiter for each item itemclose the closeing delimiter for each item


"$value = $array->getValue($n)"
Return the $n-th item in the list.
Sets the $n-th value to $value.
"@values = $keyval->getValues();"
Return the list of values.
Return a new "LaTeXML::Core::Array" object with all values digested as appropriate.


Bruce Miller <>


Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.
2020-02-18 perl v5.30.0