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tiffsplittiles(1) General Commands Manual tiffsplittiles(1)


tiffsplittiles - Copies tiles from a tiled TIFF file into separate TIFF files


tiffsplittiles [-t] file.tif


tiffsplittiles opens file.tif and deals with its first image only (other images, if present, will be omitted). If this image is tiled, it produces one TIFF file containing each of the tiles; otherwise, it outputs an error message. The compression type of each output file is the same as in the input file. The output TIFF files are stripped by default, or tiled if the option -t is provided on the command line.

The names given to the output files are created by adding the row and column numbers of the piece after the name of the original image and before the extension.

To speed up treatment, tiles will be extracted in parallel by the available CPU cores, through the OpenMP library. Set environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS to n (e.g. 1) to prevent the use of more than n cores.


Do not report TIFF errors or warnings. Under Windows, they are reported with noisy dialog boxes.


tiffmakemosaic(1), tifffastcrop(1), tiffsplit(1), tiffcrop(1), libtiff(3TIFF)

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December 30th, 2021 LargeTIFFTools 1.4.1