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krop(1) General Commands Manual krop(1)


krop - a tool to crop PDF files


krop [options] [file]


This manual page briefly documents the krop command.

krop is a simple graphical tool to crop the pages of PDF files. It is written in Python and relies on PyQT, python-poppler-qt5 and PyPDF2 for its functionality. A unique feature of krop is its ability to automatically split pages into subpages to fit the limited screen size of devices such as eReaders. This is particularly useful, if your eReader does not support convenient scrolling.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, use the --help option.


PDF file to open


show help, including all options, and exit
show program's version number and exit
where to save the cropped PDF
which pages (e.g. "1-5" or "1,3-") to include in cropped PDF (default: all)
how much to rotate the cropped pdf clockwise (default: 0)
whether to optimize the final PDF using ghostscript (default: previous choice)
if set to 2x3, for instance, creates a 2x3 grid of selections on initial page; if only one number is specified, the number of columns/rows is determined according to whether the page is landscape or portrait
which page to open initially (default: 1)
to which pages should selections apply
pages (e.g. "1-5" or "1,3-") which require individual selections
if specified, will auto trim initial selections
whether to inspect only the initial page or all pages (slow!) when auto trimming (default: previous value)
--trim-padding TRIM_PADDING
how much padding to include when auto trimming (default: previous value)
output PDF without opening the krop GUI (using the choices supplied on the command line); if used in a script without X server access, you can run krop using xvfb-run
do not use KDE libraries (default: use if available)
do not use PyQt5 instead of PyQt4 (default: use PyQt5 if available)
do not use PyPDF2 instead of pyPdf (default: use PyPDF2 if available)