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IPETOIPE(1) General Commands Manual IPETOIPE(1)


ipetoipe - Convert between Ipe file formats


ipetoipe ( -pdf | -xml ) { options } input-file [ output-file ]


ipetoipe converts between the two Ipe file formats XML and PDF. Options are:

convert to PDF format
convert to XML format
do not include Ipe markup in the output file.
Warning: this means that Ipe will not be able to read the resulting output file.
restrict exporting to PDF to this page range. This implies the -export option.
only export this single view from the document. This implies the -export option.
create a PDF page only for the marked views of marked Ipe pages. This is for instance convenient for making handouts for slides used in a presentation. This implies the -export option.
run Latex even for XML output. This has the effect of including the dimensions of each text object in the XML file.
do not compress streams in PDF or Postscript output.


ipetoipe respects the following environment variables:

the directory where ipetoipe runs Pdflatex.

the directory containing pdflatex and xelatex. If not set, they are searched for on the path.

set this to 1 for debugging output.


Otfried Cheong


Please report bugs using Ipe bugzilla at


Ipe is documented fully in The Ipe Manual, which is available online at .

June 27, 2009