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GR_PLOT_IQ(1) User Commands GR_PLOT_IQ(1)


gr_plot_iq - plot complex binary I&Q data versus time using GNU Radio

SYNOPSIS [options] input_filename


Takes a GNU Radio complex binary file and displays the I&Q data versus time. You can set the block size to specify how many points to read in at a time and the start position in the file. By default, the system assumes a sample rate of 1, so in time, each sample is plotted versus the sample number. To set a true time axis, set the sample rate (-R or --sample-rate) to the sample rate used when capturing the samples.


show this help message and exit
Specify the block size [default=1000]
Specify where to start in the file [default=0]
Set the sampler rate of the data [default=1.0]


gr_plot_char(1) gr_plot_const(1) gr_plot_fft_c(1) gr_plot_fft_f(1) gr_plot_float(1) gr_plot_int(1) gr_plot_iq(1) gr_plot_psd_c(1) gr_plot_psd_f(1) gr_plot_qt(1) gr_plot_short(1)

2024-04-22 gr_plot_iq