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fizsh - Fizsh is a user friendly front end to zsh.


fizsh [OPTIONS] ... [ARGUMENTS] ...


Fizsh provides zsh with interactive syntax-highlighting and a MATLAB-like history-search. Fizsh is intended to look and feel similar to fish. A distinguishing feature is that fizsh can handle Bourne compatible syntax. This is because fizsh is a front end to zsh. Fish does not handle Bourne compatible syntax.


"$HOME/.fizsh/" is the directory where fizsh keeps its local configuration files. The file "$HOME/.fizsh/.fizshrc" serves as the user's local startup script. Local customizations, such as aliases and functions, can be added here. This file allows the same syntax as "$HOME/.zshrc" under zsh. "$HOME/.fizsh/.fizsh_history" is the name of fizsh's history file. The other files in "$HOME/.fizsh" are installed when the user runs "/usr/bin/fizsh" for the first time. These files are automatically overwritten after installing a newer version of Fizsh. The user may call the function "fizsh-reinstall" to force a reinstallation of his local configuration files.

Compared to the default configuration of zsh, fizsh additionally sets the options "append_history", "inc_append_history", "hist_ignore_all_dups", "hist_reduce_blanks", "hist_ignore_space", "interactive_comments", "correct", "no_beep" and "prompt_subst".

For further configuration details consult zsh's man pages


Fizsh is usually invoked without options and without command-line arguments.

The only supported command-line options are "--version", "--help", "--login", shorthands for these commands are "-v", "-h", "-l" respectively. "--version" yields fizsh's version number. "--help" causes fizsh to print brief usage information. "--login" causes fizsh to run as a login shell.

If invoked with other command-line options and/or arguments fizsh will silently revert to zsh. =head1 BUGS

There are no known bugs at the moment. Bug reports, bug fixes and other comments are welcome.


Fizsh will run as a login shell if it is invoked with the "-l", or if it is started by the "login" program. If fizsh is run as a login shell "$0" will be set to "-fizsh". "$0" will be "fizsh" otherwise.

MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.


Guido van Steen, based on work by the "zsh-syntax-highlighting contributors" and the contributors to "zsh-history-substring-search". The author also gratefully acknowledges


fizsh(1), fish(1), zsh(1)

2017-07-31 fizsh 1.0.9