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EMAR(1) User Commands EMAR(1)


emar - emscripten archiver for WASM and JavaScript like ar or llvm-ar



USAGE: llvm-ar [options] [-]<operation>[modifiers] [relpos] [count] <archive> [files]

llvm-ar -M [<mri-script]


--format - archive format to create

- default
- gnu
- darwin
- bsd

--plugin=<string> - ignored for compatibility

-h --help - display this help and exit

--rsp-quoting - quoting style for response files

- posix
- windows

--thin - create a thin archive

--version - print the version and exit

- read options from <file>


d - delete [files] from the archive m - move [files] in the archive p - print contents of [files] found in the archive q - quick append [files] to the archive r - replace or insert [files] into the archive s - act as ranlib t - display list of files in archive x - extract [files] from the archive


[a] - put [files] after [relpos] [b] - put [files] before [relpos] (same as [i]) [c] - do not warn if archive had to be created [D] - use zero for timestamps and uids/gids (default) [h] - display this help and exit [i] - put [files] before [relpos] (same as [b]) [l] - ignored for compatibility [L] - add archive's contents [N] - use instance [count] of name [o] - preserve original dates [O] - display member offsets [P] - use full names when matching (implied for thin archives) [s] - create an archive index (cf. ranlib) [S] - do not build a symbol table [T] - deprecated, use --thin instead [u] - update only [files] newer than archive contents [U] - use actual timestamps and uids/gids [v] - be verbose about actions taken [V] - display the version and exit
July 2022 emar 3.1.6~dfsg