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md_src_plugins_yajl_README(3elektra) Elektra md_src_plugins_yajl_README(3elektra)


md_src_plugins_yajl_README - README

  • infos = Information about YAIL plugin is in keys below
  • infos/author = Markus Raab
  • infos/licence = BSD
  • infos/needs =
  • infos/provides = storage
  • infos/placements = getstorage setstorage
  • infos/recommends = rebase directoryvalue comment type
  • infos/description = JSON using YAIL

This is a plugin reading and writing json files using the library yail

The plugin was tested with yajl version 1.0.8-1 from Debian 6 and yajl version 2.0.4-2 from Debian 7.

Examples of files which are used for testing can be found below the folder in 'src/plugins/yajl/examples'.

The json grammar can be found here.

A validator can be found here.

Supports every KeySet except when arrays are intermixed with other keys. Has only limited support for metadata.


libyajl-dev (version 1 and 2 should work)

Special values

In json it is possible to have empty arrays and objects. In Elektra this is mapped using the special names




Arrays are mapped to Elektra's array convention #0, #1,..


  • Everything is string if not tagged by meta key 'type' Only valid json types can be used in type, otherwise there are some fall backs to string but warnings are produced.
  • Values in non-leaves are discarded.
  • Arrays will be normalized (to #0, #1, ..)
  • Comments of various json-dialects are discarded.

Because of these potential problems a type checker, comments filter and directory value filter are highly recommended.

OpenICC Device Config

This plugin was specifically designed and tested for the OpenICC_device_config_DB although it is of course not limited to it.

Mount the plugin:

kdb mount --resolver=resolver_fm_xhp_x color/settings/openicc-devices.json /org/freedesktop/openicc yajl rename cut=org/freedesktop/openicc


kdb mount-openicc

Then you can copy the OpenICC_device_config_DB.json to systemwide or user config, e.g.

cp src/plugins/yajl/examples/OpenICC_device_config_DB.json /etc/xdg
cp src/plugins/yajl/examples/OpenICC_device_config_DB.json ~/.config
kdb ls system/org/freedesktop/openicc

prints out then all device entries available in the config

kdb get system/org/freedesktop/openicc/device/camera/0/EXIF_manufacturer

prints out 'Glasshuette' with the example config in souce

You can export the whole system openicc config to ini with:

kdb export system/org/freedesktop/openicc simpleini > dump.ini

or import it:

kdb import system/org/freedesktop/openicc ini < dump.ini
Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14