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md_src_plugins_journald_README(3elektra) Elektra md_src_plugins_journald_README(3elektra)


md_src_plugins_journald_README - README

  • infos = Information about journald plugin is in keys below
  • infos/author = Felix Berlakovich
  • infos/licence = BSD
  • infos/needs =
  • infos/provides = logging
  • infos/placements = postcommit postrollback
  • infos/description = logging of committed and rolled back keys via systemd-journal

The plugin logs successful and failed write attempts via the systemd journal daemon (systemd-journal). See the systemd-journal manpage for more information about systemd-journal. Errors are reported with priority 3 (error priority) and use the message ID fb3928ea453048649c61d62619847ef6. Successful writes are reported with priority 5 (notice priority) and use the message ID fc65eab25c18463f97e4f9b61ea31eae.

Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14