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ecaccess-association-put - Update/Create an Association


ecaccess-association-put -version|-help|-manual

ecaccess-association-put [-debug] [-gateway name] [-password] source-file


Allow updating or creating an ECtrans Association. If the name exists then the Association is updated. If it does not exists then a new Association is created. In order to get a template for a new Association please use the following command:

ecaccess-association-get -template association-name target-file

The target-file for the Association Descriptive File does not have to be the name of the Association itself. The name for the Association is specified in the association-name parameter.

When creating a new Association the -password option should be used to set the password (it can not be set in the Association Descriptive File as this would not be secure).


The name of the Association Descriptive File to upload.


This is the name of the ECaccess Gateway where the Association should be installed. It is by default the Gateway you are connected to. In order to get the name of your current Gateway you can use the ecaccess-gateway-name command. When using the commands at ECMWF the default Gateway is always "".
Allow prompting for a new password for the Association.
Display version number and exits.
Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
Number of SSL connection retries per 5s to ECMWF. This parameter only apply to the initial SSL connection initiated by the command to the ECMWF server. It does not apply to all the subsequent requests made afteward as it is mainly targeting errors that can happen from time to time during the SSL handshake. Default is no retry.
Display the SOAP and SSL messages exchanged.


ecaccess-association-put -password ./test

Push the Association described in the ./test file of your current directory on your default Gateway. You will be also prompted for a new password.

ecaccess-association-put -gateway ./test

Push the Association described in the ./test file of your current directory on the Gateway.


ecaccess-association-delete, ecaccess-association-get, ecaccess-association-list, ecaccess-association-protocol and ecaccess.

2021-01-05 perl v5.32.0