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GREP-EXCUSES(1) General Commands Manual GREP-EXCUSES(1)


grep-excuses - search the testing excuses files for a specific maintainer


grep-excuses [options] [maintainer|package]


grep-excuses downloads the autoremovals and update_excuses.html files and greps them for the specified maintainer or package name. The wget package is required for this script. If no name is given on the command line, first the environment variable DEBFULLNAME is used if it is defined, and failing that, the configuration variable described below is used.


Do not read any configuration files. This can only be used as the first option given on the command-line.
Get information from <>. One or more package names must be given when using this option.
Show a brief usage message.
Show version and copyright information.
Investigate and show autopkgtest ( failures in your packages but apparently caused by new versions of other packages trying to migrate. (--no-autopkgtests can be used to override GREP_EXCUSES_AUTOPKGTESTS.)
Investigate and show only testing propagation excuses, not autoremovals.
Print pseudo-excuses for manual migration from experimental to unstable.
Print debugging output to stderr (including url(s) fetched).


The two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts are sourced in that order to set configuration variables. Command line options can be used to override configuration file settings. Environment variable settings are ignored for this purpose. The currently recognised variable is:

The default maintainer, email or package to grep for if none is specified on the command line.
Boolean: whether to show autopkgtest failures in other packages. See --autopkgtests.




Joey Hess <>; modifications by Julian Gilbey <>.

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