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GETBUILDLOG(1) General Commands Manual GETBUILDLOG(1)


getbuildlog - download build logs from Debian auto-builders


getbuildlog package [version-pattern] [architecture-pattern]


getbuildlog downloads build logs of package from Debian auto-builders. It downloads build logs of all versions and for all architectures if version-pattern and architecture-pattern are not specified or empty, otherwise only build logs whose versions match version-pattern and build logs whose architectures match architecture-pattern will be downloaded. The version and architecture patterns are interpreted as extended regular expressions as described in grep(1).

If version-pattern is "last" then only the logs for the most recent version of package found on will be downloaded.

If version-pattern is "last-all" then the logs for the most recent version found on each build log index will be downloaded.


Show usage information and examples.
Show version and copyright information.


Download amd64 build log for hello version 2.2-1.
Download mips(el) build logs of all glibc versions.
Download all build logs of backported wesnoth versions.


Written by Frank S. Thomas <>.

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