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DEBIAN-BUILDER(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation DEBIAN-BUILDER(1)


debian-builder - Rebuild a Debian package from its source code.


  debian-builder [options]
  Help Options:
   --debug    Show useful debugging information.
   --help     Show this scripts help information.
   --manual   Read this scripts manual.
   --version  Show the version number and exit.
   --verbose  Show verbose output.
  Building options:
   --sign         Force package signing, disabled by default.
   --debuild foo  Pass arguments 'foo' onto debuild when building
   --suffix  foo  Give the built package versions the suffix 'foo'.



  debian-builder is a simple script which is designed to facilitate the
 rebuilding of a Debian GNU/Linux package from its source code.  It will
 correctly handle the installation of any required build-dependencies,
 and remove them once building is complete.


 $Id: debian-builder,v 1.14 2006/06/04 18:24:04 steve Exp $


Copyright (c) 2005 by Steve Kemp. All rights reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. The LICENSE file contains the full text of the license.


   Do all the work of building the given package.
   Return '>0' on success, '0' on failure of any kind.  (The result is the
 number of binary files moved into the results directory.)


  Parse any command line arguments, and set the appropriate values
 in the global CONFIG hash.


  Return the name of the source package required to build package 'foo'


  Download the source of the package to the specified directory
 and return the name of the unpacked directory.


  If the Debian changelog file doesn't already refer to the specified
 version then add it.


  Move the build Debian package, associated .diff.gz file, .changes file,
 etc.  From the build directory into the binary directory.
  Return the number of files moved into the binary directory.


  Uninstall all the build dependency packages we installed.
  We do this by finding the list of all packages which are currently
 installed and removing those that were not present when we started.


  Return a hash of all the currently installed packages.


  Install the build-dependencies required to build the given package.


  Remove the given array of packages from the system.


  Desperately try to reset the host system to the same starting point
 as it initially had.
  This should be taken care of in situations where the script doesn't
 abort on an error condition.
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