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cvm-mysql(8) System Manager's Manual cvm-mysql(8)


cvm-mysql - MySQL module




Pass phrase


This module queries a MySQL database for the account name, compares the stored pass phrase with the given one using crypt(3).


The full path of the defaults file to read if the following variable is set. If not set, the file $HOME/.my.cnf will be read (the MySQL default).
If set, the module will read connection default options from the named group in the defaults file as above
The hostname or IP of the MySQL server. If not set, a connection to the local host is assumed.
The MySQL login ID to connect as. If not set, the invoking user is assumed.
The password for the above user.
The database name, must be set.
The port number for the TCP/IP connection (only used if the server is not local).
The SQL query to execute after the credentials have been validated, see cvm-sql(7).
The password comparison module to use.
The path to the socket that should be used for connections to a local server.
The SQL query to issue to retrieve the row containing the account information from the database, see cvm-sql(7).


cvm-sql(7), cvm-pgsql(8), cvm-pwfile(8), cvm-qmail(8), cvm-unix(8), cvm-vmailmgr(8), cvm-benchclient(8), cvm-checkpassword(8), cvm-testclient(8)