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cssutil(1) CRM114 cssutil(1)


cssutil - utility to measure and manipulate CRM114 statistics files.


cssutil [.css file] [OPTIONS]


This man page is taken from an older CRM114 version. It is provided as a convenience to Debian users and may not be up-to-date. If you would like to update it, please send appropriate patches to the Debian bug tracking system.


print basic help

brief - print only a summary of the statistics of the .css file (otherwise, prints a full list of how many bins are in each counter state)

quiet mode; no warning messages

report then exit (no menu). The default if -r is not specified is to drop into a command-menu based system.

if no css file found, create new one with this many buckets. Default is 1 million + 1 buckets

same as -s, but round up to next 2^n + 1 boundary.

print version and exit

dump css file to stdout in the architecture-independent CSV format, suitable for reloading with -R in an architecture. (note that .css files are a hardware-architecture dependent format)

create and restore css from the hardware-architecture independent CSV format file (reads from stdin if csv-file is not supplied.


If -r is not supplied, a menu appears with the following options. Note that all of these operations are "in place" and surgical- there is NO undo functionality. Wise users will make a backup copy of all .css files before using cssutil to alter values.

zero all bins at or below a value. This is useful for deleting all small-count features from the .css statistics files leaving higher-count features untouched.

subtract a constant from all bins - this rolls all features back a constant amount.

divide all bins by a constant - this rolls features back linearly, rather than in scalar fashion.

rescan - regenerate the statistics output that was initially printed.

pack - re-slot features to optimize access time.

- gracefully exit, saving changes. (note that since these operations are in-place and surgical, there is no option to exit without saving changes.


cssutil is a general utility to manipulate and measure the .css format statistics files used by CRM114's Markovian and OSB classifiers. The biggest uses are to check the available space remaining in a .css file, to selectively groom a .css file, and to port architecture-dependent .css files to and from an ASCII CSV format, which is architecture independent. The cssutil program can be used to create information-less .css files:

     cssutil -b -r spam.css
     cssutil -b -r nonspam.css

. This creates the full-size files ./spam.css and ./nonspam.css, holding no information. The cssutil program can be used check that the .css files are reasonable. Invoke cssutil as:

    cssutil -b -r spam.css
    cssutil -b -r nonspam.css

You should get back a report something like this:

     Sparse spectra file spam.css statistics:
     Total available buckets          :      1048576
     Total buckets in use             :       506987
     Total hashed datums in file      :      1605968
     Average datums per bucket        :         3.17
     Maximum length of overflow chain :           39
     Average length of overflow chain :         1.84
     Average packing density          :         0.48

Note that the packing density is 0.48; this means that this .css file is about half full of features. Once the packing density gets above about 0.9, you will notice that CRM114 will take longer to process text. The penalty is small below packing densities below about 0.95 and only about a factor of 2 at 0.97 . Best is to keep it below .7 to .8.


Note that cssutil as of version 20040816 is NOT capable of dealing with the CRM114 Winnow classifier's floating-point .cow files. Worse, cssutil is unaware of it's shortcomings, and will try anyway. The only recourse is to be aware of this issue and not use cssutil on a Winnow classifier floating point .cow format file.



This manpage: $Id: cssutil.azm,v 1.4 2004/08/19 09:23:24 vanbaal Exp $ This manpage describes cssutil as shipped with crm114 version 20040816.BlameClockworkOrange.


William S. Yerazunis. Manpage typesetting by Joost van Baal and Shalendra Chhabra


Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 William S. Yerazunis. This is free software, copyrighted under the FSF's GPL. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the file COPYING for more details.


cssmerge(1), cssdiff(1), crm(1)
19 Aug 2004 cssutil 20040816.BlameClockworkOrange-auto.3