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cgi_cookie_set(3) cgi/cgi.h cgi_cookie_set(3)


cgi_cookie_set - Set a browser Cookie


#include <cgi/cgi.h>

NEOERR *cgi_cookie_set (CGI *cgi, const char *name, const char *value, 

const char *path, const char *domain,
const char *time_str, int persistent, int secure);


cgi - a CGI struct
name - the name of the cookie
value - the value to set the cookie to.
path - optional path for which the cookie is valid. Default
is /
domain - optional domain for which the cookie is valid. You
can use cgi_cookie_authority to determine this
domain. Default is none, which is interpreted by
the browser as the sending domain only.
time_str - expiration time string in the following format


cgi_cookie_set will issue a Set-Cookie header that should cause a browser to return a cookie when required. Note this function does no escaping of anything, you have to take care of that first.

HH:MM: SS GMT. Only used if persistent. Default is one year from time of call. persistent - cookie will be stored by the browser between sessions secure - cookie will only be sent over secure connections




cgi_debug_init(3), cgi_parse(3), cgi_destroy(3), cgi_js_escape(3), cgi_html_escape_strfunc(3), cgi_register_strfuncs(3), cgi_output(3), parse_rfc2388(3), cgi_url_validate(3), open_upload(3), cgi_cs_init(3), cgi_url_escape_more(3), cgi_html_strip_strfunc(3), cgi_neo_error(3), cgi_redirect(3), cgi_filehandle(3), cgi_register_parse_cb(3), cgi_url_escape(3), cgi_init(3), cgi_redirect_uri(3), cgi_cookie_clear(3), cgi_url_unescape(3), cgi_vredirect(3), cgi_display(3), cgi_html_ws_strip(3), cgi_error(3), cgi_cookie_set(3), cgi_text_html_strfunc(3), cgi_cookie_authority

12 July 2007 ClearSilver